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About Us


In a world full of choices and a life full of obstacles, women often long for a support system especially since they often move away from their roots and their families to create new ones.

There is a need to have a support system to lean on, for information, learning and sometimes just plain comfort. A sisterhood that understands each other's responsibilities, joys and challenges is something that all women yearn for. 

Felisha is a place for like-minded professionals, homemakers, mothers and wives to meet, interact, talk and learn. Our Programs, Blogs, Speakers and Store are all aligned for the cause of empowering women from all walks of life.

Our Story

How Did We Get Here

Let go of the old, Put the glow on and capture the world in your stride! GO FX yourself!

We believe the contemporary woman is a powerhouse – beautiful, enigmatic, empowered and one who knows that she deserves the best of everything! She is armed with the conviction of her magnificence and does not shy from flaunting her individuality with the confidence to win the world! Picture perfect for every occasion as she is good at standing-out and blending-in with equal ease. She does not follow the well-trodden path, rather, she belongs to a growing tribe of trendsetters. So, let us partner with you with our skincare and cosmetic range, exclusively designed with your needs in mind. We develop our advanced product range to ensure you flaunt an aura of success.

The Brand Story

Fx Studio is a revolution in the cosmetics platform which promises to embolden not only how the world perceives women, but also how the modern woman perceives herself. Registered in the USA, we are the latest entrants in this arena, working exclusively to enable and empower the modern woman to flaunt her most important asset-her winning personal!