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Product description

Product Highlight: Get the best of both worlds with the Color Fx Eyedentity, a duo of Kajal & Eyeliner. Its one-stroke application formulation and dark intense color will bring out the inner boldness in you. Color Fx Eyedentity, a duo of Kajal & Eyeliner is so intense that it gives an extra spark to your beauty!

Color Fx Eyedentity Intense Kajal and Eyeliner

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Color Fx
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About this item

  • Speciality: 2 in 1- Duo of Kajal and Eyeliner, Versatile, Long lasting, One Stroke Application
  • Finish: Smooth Color family: Blacks
  • Product type: Pen, Pencil
  • Lasting power: Lasts for 10 hours as Eyeliner and Lasts for 7 hours as Kajal
  • Benefits. 2 in 1 Product, Single Stroke Application, All-Day Wear, Smudge-proof, Organic

Direction to use

Kajal: Starting at the inner corner of the eye, draw a neat line along the waterline.

Eye Liner: Starting once again at the inner corner, add a bold stroke along the upper lash line.


  • Long Lasting
  • Versatile Use – Kajal & Eyeliner
  • Intense Colour in One Gliding Stroke
  • Travel Friendly Packaging
  • Smudge-Proof & Transfer-proof
  • Lasts for 10 Hours as Eyeliner
  • Lasts for 7 Hours as Kajal

  • About the brand:

    Fx Studio is a revolutionary cosmetic brand that promises to embolden not only how the world perceives women, but also how the modern woman perceives herself. Registered in the USA, we work towards enabling and empowering the modern woman to flaunt her most important asset-her winning persona!


    Super versatile product: 2 in 1 – Kajal & Eyeliner available in deep black color.
    The incredible formulation with the use of water-repellent ingredients makes the product long-lasting and smudge-proof.
    The product is designed for a good grip that allows single stroke application.
    All ingredients are natural, which makes the product skin-friendly and avoids any damage to the eye.
    As an eyeliner the product lasts for 10 hours, while as a kajal the product lasts for 7 hours.
    Intense black color to enhance those beautiful eyes of yours, suitable for all day wear.

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