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Product discription

Product Highlight: The collection is specially curated to create stunner looks with your wedding outfits. These exquisite glitter nail enamels allow you to enjoy all the memorable moments at weddings gracefully.


Easy Layering
Chip Resistant
Consistent Texture
Easy Application
Long Lasting
Easily Removable

Color Fx Premium Non-Toxic Nail Polish with Glossy Finish in Purple

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About this item

● Speciality: Unique "U" shape brush, Non-toxic US Formulated
● Finish: Glossy + Glitter Matt +Mettalic Matt + Chameleon Glossy ; Color family: Multi-color
● Lasting power: More than 24 hours
● Benefits. Mood Colors, Playful Shades, Natural Ingredients, Non-Yellowing formula
● Features: Non-Toxic; Non-Yellowing; Long Lasting; Easily Removable

Direction to use

● Apply the first thin coat of polish in three strokes and allow it to dry.
● Apply a second and/or third thin coat of polish in three strokes and let it dry.
● Apply an even layer of top coat to each nail and you are good to go.

Ideal For:

All nail types

Product Description

Fx Studio is a revolutionary cosmetic brand that promises to embolden not only how the world perceives women, but also how the modern woman perceives herself. Registered in the USA, we work towards enabling and empowering the modern woman to flaunt her most important asset-her winning persona!


● Pamper your nails with a splash of colourful hues of our non-toxic nail enamels.
● The beautiful nail enamels come with a Unique ‘U’ shape brush designed for smooth and even application.
● Our non-yellowing US formula ensures your nails always look healthy and shiny.
● Fall in love with every coat with our easy application and chip resistant formulation.

How to apply:

● First, apply a thin coat of polish in three strokes and allow it to dry.
● Now go for the second and/or third coat of polish with the same stokes and let it dry.
● Lastly, apply an even layer of topcoat to each nail, and there you have a perfect Color Fx style manicure.

So go Fx yourself to have a picture-perfect wedding!
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