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SebaMed Anti-Dry Hydrating Body Lotion, 200ml

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About this Item

●Restore the skin vitality, Relieve tension and Irritation
●Counteracts dehydration, lipids increase, elasticity
●Package Contents: 1 Bottle of Anti-Dry Body Lotion
●Desired Result: Skin-hydrating, moisturizing and Anti-aging

Product Description

Phytosteroles, shea butter and other plant-derived lipids as well as a moisturizing complex with polysaccharides extracted from potato starch care for, smooth and soothe the skin.
●The lotion is absorbed quickly and completely, leaving no trace of stickiness.
●The pH value of 5.5 protects the skins natural protective acid mantle against dehydration and irritants.
●In a three-week dermatological test, the care lotion improved the moisture content of dry skin by 26% even 10 hours after the last application and despite interim washing.
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