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Sebamed Baby Lotion (100 ml) and Sebamed Soothing Massage Oil (150 ml) and Sebamed Baby Powder (200 gm)

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About this Item

●PreBath- Sebamed Soothing Massage Oil.
●Post Bathing- Sebamed Baby Powder, Sebamed Lotion.
●Made In Germany
●A high content of essential fatty acids in soy oil guarantees optimal skin tolerability and makes baby's skin soft and supple without an oily film
●Easily absorbed emollient with 7 percent lipids, special emollient skin care complex with sorbitol for soft skin, chamomile extract protects from irritation of sensitive baby skin, allantoin keeps baby's skin soft and supple

Product Description

This Sebamed combo pack includes
Sebamed Baby Lotion(100 ml)
Sebamed Soothing Massage Oil (150 ml)
Sebamed Baby Powder(200 gm)
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