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Sebamed Baby Rash Cream (100 ml) - Pack Of 2

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About this Item

●Promotes the development of skin's protective acid mantle
●Titanium dioxide helps to protect the skin
●Highly protective lipid formula with skin lecithin and squalane
●Provides reliable relief
●Effective soothing
●Panthenol stimulates the healing process

Product Description

Sebamed diaper rash cream contains micronized form of titanium dioxide which forms physical barrier over skin.
●Ph 5.5 plus Micronized form of titanium dioxide ensures faster recovery as compared to conventional rash creams which contain zinc oxide and ph 7.
●The high panthenol content promotes skin regeneration and the healing of damaged skin.
●Natural bees wax plus squalene plus sorbitol ensures optimal hydration of baby's skin.
●Made in Germany gentle protection for delicate baby skin provides effective relief from and reliable protection against diaper rash panthenol stimulates the healing process vernix related squalene provides the necessary lipid support and protection titanium dioxide forms a protective barrier against aggressive substances, which could cause inflammation 5.5 Normalizes the skin ph if it is elevated by occlusion and urine contact and helps protect from harmful microorganisms which can cause super infection of the dermatitis skin35 percent lipid content allantoin makes the skin smooth and supple ideal from month 1 2 years clinically proven 50 percent reduction in diaper rash within 3 weeks.
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