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Sebamed Fresh Shower (200 ml)

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About this Item

●100% soap and alkali free.
●Mild cleansing for stressed skin A "" no dehydration, no irritation.
●Emollients and moisturizers replenish hydrolipid reservoirs, making skin soft and supple.
●Moisturizes the skin with natural amino acids.
●Allantoin regenerates and soothes the skin.
●Perfume accentuates a refreshing character.

Product description

Sebamed Fresh Shower hydrates, refreshes, and cleanses your skin while making you feel fresh. Special gel formulation with a tangy fragrance makes you feel energized and make the skin feel nourished all day long. Formulated with mild cleansing agents, unique hydro-lipid complex, and allantoin, Sebamed Fresh Shower is completely calming - the perfect shower gel in today’s stressful world. The dermatologist-developed, Sebamed Fresh Shower's ultra-mild formulation is compatible with the most sensitive of skins. It works to deep-clean pores without causing dryness or irritation as regular soap can. Fortified with a natural moisturizing hydro-lipid complex and soothing allantoin, the gel formulation is very gentle on the skin and it rinses away completely for naturally healthier, smoother skin. Also, Sebamed Fresh Shower is free from irritants like Parabens/ Paraffin/ Propylene Glycol/ Phthalates – hence is safe for very sensitive skin and allergy-prone skin.

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