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Sebamed Shower Oil (200 ml)

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About this Item

●Supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin's acid mantle
●50% oils restore lipid balance and prevents further moisture loss and irritation during showering
●Avocado oil rich in Vitamin A and E
●Regenerates and lubricates the skin making it silky soft and smooth to touch
●Oils penetrate rapidly leaving no greasy residue

Product Description

Soap-free conditioning shower oil with over 50% lipids keeps the skin smooth and supple Non-irritating this is ideal for those with dry or damaged skin and will leave your skin feeling very soft, moist, and supple Many people are now feeling the benefits of cleansing with a good quality shower oil, that moisturizers’ and seals the skin, keeping all the skins natural defenses intact Only a small application is required for all over body cleansing Rinse well after use and towel dry. This is fine to use in conjunction with a good quality body moisturizer such as Sebamed body moisturizer, Sebamed hand and nail balm or any of the Sebamed body conditioning range Maintains the healthy pH55 balance in your skin
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