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Product description

Our feet take us places, they travel with us wherever we go. But when it comes to being on track with our skincare, our foot is one of the most neglected parts. Neglected care leaves the feet feeling dry, rough, and cracked, giving it an uneven look. This is where Skin Fx steps in, the Foot Mask is a convenient and instant pampering session for your feet. These disposable socks are infused with a rich blend of natural botanicals like shea butter, tea tree oil which provides deep exfoliation, revitalizes old skin and relaxes the tired soles. In 20 minutes you get clean, smooth and baby soft feet. The socks are made with ‘Bemliese’ cotton a micro lint material that provides more than 10 times of absorbency compared to the traditional sheets. Formulated in Korea this Sheet Mask has a high-level adhesion. It is pure, gentle on the surface, and suitable for any skin types. So go ahead put your best foot forward with Skin Fx.

Skin Fx Foot Mask For Nourishment And Smoothening

In stock
Skin fx
Country of Origin:
South Korea

About this item

• The Foot Mask gives your feet an instant pampering session.
• Infused with natural botanicals, minerals and vitamins
• Revitalizes your old skin to new
• Exfoliates your skin
• Soothes your tired soles and makes them supple

Direction to Use:

• Cleanse Wash your feet & pat it dry.
• Apply Separate the pair of socks & Place your feet inside.
• Relax: Wear for 20 minutes to let the serum get absorb in your skin.
• Removal: Take it off & gently massage excess serum into skin. Do not rinse.

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