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Urban Veda Soothing Sandalwood Exfoliating Facial Polish, 125ml

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Soothing Facial Polish_20
Urban Veda
Country of Origin:
United Kingdom

About this Item

● Ayurvedic Natural Skincare - Naturally formulated to ayurvedic principles to embrace the holistic and therapeutic properties of plants.
● Fresh Dewy Skin - Soothing face scrub with fine volcanic pumice in a rich cream that gently exfoliates away dead skin, absorbs soil and daily grime to leave the skin dewy fresh. Soft And Smooth Skin - A blend of clary sage, clove, arjun and sandalwood rich in phytoactives pamper the skin to help keep it soft and smooth.
● Soothe Your Skin And Senses - Essential oils of rose geranium, ylang ylang, with a hint of lemongrass, lemon, and sweet orange bring serenity and well-being to skin and senses.
● Pitta Doshas - Pitta is ruled by the element fire. Generally disciplined and logical, this ˜heat frequently manifests as ambition, pitta types are born leaders, managing and controlling their energy strategically. When in a state of balance, pitta types have positive attributes such as charisma, focus, intelligence, a quick wit and contentment, but when out of balance, excess pitta can accumulate as irritability, a ˜hot temper and unprovoked bouts of aggression.

Direction of Use:

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Product Description

Gently buff away dead skin cells with our Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish.
● Supporting healthy skin cell renewal, Soothing Facial Polish is the perfect texture to reveal fresher-looking skin.
● Enriched with calming sandalwood, this gentle facial scrub exfoliates delicate skin with the natural mildly abrasive exfoliant of pumice stone.
● With healing and detoxifying geranium, hydration-preserving palmarosa and harmonising ylang ylang, this cooling facial exfoliator balances and de-stresses aggravated skin.
● Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish is specially formulated for the most sensitive skins, nourishing, hydrating and protecting as it deeply cleanses the pores.
● Naturally formulated to Ayurvedic principles to balance the Pitta dosha.

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